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Structural Design

Our experienced Design Engineers assess the required structural properties of each vessel to select appropriate materials that guarantee the success of the design.

Utilising our bespoke structural design software, our team produce safe, innovative structural designs for multiple use cases.

Our tailor-made packages offer you full flexibility, supporting you at every stage of the design journey, from concept to delivery.

Concept Phase:

  • Weight Estimate
  • Midship Section

Design Phase:

  • Class Compliant Structural Design
  • Detailed Weight Estimate
  • Global Structural Design
  • Local Structural Design
  • In-house Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Structural Model
  • Build Philosophy Support
  • Classification Drawings

Production Phase:

  • Full 3D Structural Modelling
  • Full Structural Assembly Booklets (metal and composite boats)
A skeleton steel hull.

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